Have you ever noticed that many of the people most famous in history for having been extraordinary artists, musicians, writers, scientists, leaders, inventors were also uniquely different? Have you wondered why so many struggled with mental illness, dyslexia or some other unusual deficit? A significant percentage of today’s extraordinary individuals are quietly also todays sufferers. There is a connection between talent, ability, creativity and minds that are wired differently and that is what we will explore on “The Power of different” podcast. I’ll be bringing you their stories as well as experts in brain sciences who will help shed light on this phenomenon. Email us with your questions and show suggestions at thepowerofdifferent@gmail.com. And at the end of each show I’ll be answering the question “Is This Normal?”


Robert Szczerba

Date: October 24,2016

CEO of X Tech Ventures, he's a rocket scientist who is now using technology for social good, helping people with mental health issues, a career change born out of the painful diagnosis of his baby boy with autism. He is a columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post.

The Power of Different Podcast

Is this normal?

Date: October 20,2016

I feel like my spouse doesn't make me happy anymore. We've been married for 13 years. Is this normal?


Amy Newmark

Date: October 17,2016

Amy Newmark discusses how overcoming multiple early illnesses when a child helped her find “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

The Power of Different Podcast

Is this normal?

Date: October 13,2016

Ian Kerner & Dr. Saltz answer a question from someone wanting more sex in their marriage


Ian Kerner

Date: October 10,2016

Sex therapist & author of “She Comes First” who launched his career because he personally struggled with premature ejaculation

The Power of Different Podcast

“Is This Normal?”

Date: October 06,2016

A woman  asks about loving but not being “in love” with her husband


Siggy Flicker

Date: October 03,2016

Real Housewives of NJ star reveals the struggles of her growing up  that led to her stardom

The Power of Different Podcast

“Is this normal?”

Date: September 29,2016

A mom asks about her 5 year old having trouble making friends


Steve Silberman

Date: September 25,2016

Steve Silberman, Author of Neurotribes, discusses the strengths inherent in the autistic brain

The Power of Different Podcast

“Is This Normal?”

Date: September 22,2016

"Is This Normal?" with guest Dov Seidman, a parent asks about their late reading child

Dov Seidman

Dov Seidman

Date: September 19,2016

Dov Seidman CEO of LRN shares his story of school failure and dyslexia to Harvard law school and success

Stacy London

Stacy London

Date: September 11,2016

Style & Fashion Consultant Stacy London on how struggles led to dramatic successes.

The Power of Different Podcast

The Power of Different

Date: September 07,2016

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