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Need help with something you’d like answered on the podcast? Send me an email (it can be anonymous) and it might be featured on the show:

When Relationships Break Down >>

How can you tell when a relationship is over or frankly should be over? Whether you’re dealing with a romance or a friendship, it can be hard to move on. Dr. Saltz tells how.

Social Anxiety in the Time of Covid >>

The rules of social interaction have been turned upside down by Covid. Dr. Saltz answers listener questions about how to behave around others who may, or may not, be masked. And how to deal with concerns about re-starting social activity after a long, isolated year.

There’s Help for Even the Most Difficult Emotional Situations >>

Managing severe mental illness in a loved one is hard. Today, Dr Saltz advises a listener on how to deal with a mother with a psychotic condition.

How to Improve a Negative Body Image >>

Unhappy with your body? Feeling anxious and insecure? Here’s how to be kinder to yourself and get a better outlook.

Eating Disorders and the Pandemic >>

These stressful times are also causing more concerns about eating and body image. I answer listeners’ questions, and discuss when it’s necessary to get help.

Why We All Need Boundaries >>

Life can be a struggle if you never set boundaries for your work, in your relationships or regarding your time. I’ll tell you how to be better at drawing the line.

Pandemic Trauma and Stress Experience (PTSE): The Struggle is Real >>

You’re not alone if you’re feeling down or anxious, nervous or restless because of the pandemic. Taken together, these symptoms and others are known as PTSE: Pandemic Trauma and Stress Experience. I share things you can do to boost your mood.

Pandemic-enforced social distancing has increased feelings of loneliness. On today’s episode, I discuss how you can feel less lonely.

Is it Sadness? Or is it Depression? >>

How to tell if you’re struggling with sadness or depression—and what to do in both cases.

How to Lower Your Pandemic Anxieties >>

Today Dr. Saltz answers questions with actionable advice about managing anxiety and uncertainty during the pandemic.

How to Treat Your Sleep Problems in the Age of Covid >>

There’s a name for the inability to sleep well during this pandemic. It’s called “Covid-Somnia.” Dr. Saltz gives great, practical advice in answer to listener questions about falling asleep, and staying asleep.

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It’s safe to say 2020 was one of the most difficult years, ever, for so many…and these remain very challenging times. That’s why I’m here to ask you… How Can I Help?