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Friends With Money: How Not to Resent Them

When a wealth gap opens between you and a friend, it’s hard not to be envious or try frantically to keep up. Dr. Saltz tells how to tame those feelings, and keep the relationship intact.

How Can I Persuade My Daughter Not to Be a Teen-Age Bride?

A mother whose daughter wants to marry young knows that love doesn’t conquer all. Dr. Saltz tells her how to get the message across while still being supportive.

When the Pain is Real, But the Disease Isn’t

Make no mistake: hypochondriacs are definitely suffering—especially from the constant worry about the conditions they think they might have. Negative test results won’t necessarily banish the anxiety, but Dr. Saltz reveals what does work.

Just Because We’re Ex-Spouses, Does That Mean We Can’t Be Friends?

Co-parenting is one thing, but what are the consequences when you develop a deep friendship with your ex? Dr. Saltz helps a listener navigate this tricky and often uncomfortable territory.

The Case for Having More Sex

Too many couples are having too little sex, says Dr. Saltz. She tells how to restart your sex life–because it’s good for your physical  health, your mental health, and the health of your relationship.

The Single-Parent’s Guide to Guilt-Free Dating

Yes, it’s hard to juggle time-restricted schedules, and you may worry that you’re shortchanging your child, but you, and your kids, will benefit when you enjoy a strong, adult relationship, says Dr. Saltz.

Single on Valentine’s Day? What Not to Do

Don’t believe the Valentine’s hype, says Dr. Saltz. Don’t fall back into old, bad relationship habits. And do remember that love doesn’t come only in heart-shaped red packages

A New Year’s Resolution That Will Never, Ever Work

A listener’s boyfriend wanted her to make a joint resolution with him: They would each vow to lose 10 pounds in 2024. Dr. Saltz reveals why that type of resolution is doomed to failure—and tells what does work when you’re plotting new goals for the new year.

Dealing With Family Gaslighting Around the Holidays

When a woman suffers from a family member’s regular gaslighting at the holidays Dr. Saltz advises how to halt that behavior in its tracks and get the holiday back on a better footing.

When Friends Betray Friends

Few things are as hurtful as learning that someone you thought was your friend has betrayed your trust—whether it’s bad-mouthing you, sharing your private info with the world or cutting you off socially. Dr. Saltz tells how to get past the resulting self-doubt and determine whether this is a relationship worth saving.

How to Get Control of Your Emotions

Overwhelmed? Consumed by Negativity? Saying Hurtful Things When You Don’t Mean To? Dr. Saltz Reveals How to Stop Those Runaway Feelings and Return to Being Your Nice, Normal Self.

When All the News Seems to Be Bad News

Social media and 24/7 coverage of current world events is stressing people out—making them anxious, angry and sleepless. Dr. Saltz tells how some simple habit changes can bring relief.

A Holiday Guide to Mothers-In-Law

How to cope—and keep your sanity—when your spouse’s mom tries to take over Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other festivity.

Caregiver Burnout? Why You Must Put Yourself First

Caregiver burnout is a real thing and can result in depression as well as physical health issues. Dr. Saltz tells how to get past the guilt, resentment and fatigue, and make the situation better for you and the loved one you’re caring for.

Crying in the Office? How to Stop It Before It Starts

Expressing emotion is not a sign of weakness, says Dr. Saltz. But if crying is hurting you professionally, there are some easy, effective techniques you can use to contain it.

How to Love Your Body Again

Everyone has a body part they’re dissatisfied with, but worrying about thigh jiggle and tummy flab is more than just annoying—it can get in the way of a fulfilling sex life. Dr. Saltz advises a listener whose unhappiness over her post-baby weight gain is coming between her and her husband.

Pick Up Your Knitting Needles or Crochet Hooks: Crafting Is Great for Mental Health

And it’s not just the yarn arts. Science shows that crafting hobbies in general can boost mood, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and improve motor skills. Dr. Saltz tells why these pastimes are so good for mind and body.

Banishing Back-To-School Stress

Mean girls and boys, active shooter drills, social media—the thought of these and more can create anxiety as students head back to the classroom. Dr. Saltz tells how parents can set children up for success and happiness in the year ahead.

There Is a Cure for the Summertime Blues

For some people, the warm weather brings nervousness, jitters and a feeling of being at loose ends. Dr. Saltz tells how to cope with the anxiety that can accompany the summer months.

How to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

Self-discipline is hard for some people: Meeting deadlines, doing unpleasant chores or eating heathy food is a challenge for them. Dr. Saltz tells how to “flip the script” on a lifetime of delay and avoidance

When Ordinary Sounds Set You Off

For some people, the typical human sounds that other people make—eating, chewing or even breathing—can trigger extreme anger, rage and disgust. It’s an actual condition, called “misophonia,” and Dr. Saltz tells how to deal with it.

Let’s Drop the Talk About “Boundaries” and Other Jargon

If you really want to communicate, forget “therapy speak” and avoid terms like “toxic” and “gaslighting.” Use honesty, empathy—and your own words.

When Parents Burn Out

The stress of raising a family can lead to exhaustion, anxiety and even emotional distancing from one’s children. Dr. Saltz reveals how parents can get the joy back and return to being the kind of parents they were—and want to be again.

Those Obsessive Thoughts That Keep You Awake at Night

You’re lying there in the dark, trying to fall asleep. Instead, your mind is racing with woulda-coulda-shoulda thoughts you can’t let go of. Anxiety can lead to insomnia, which can trigger even more anxiety. Dr. Saltz tells how to break this vicious and unhealthy cycle.

Getting Over Being Ghosted

Ghosting hurts. It can cause feelings of confusion, self-doubt, and a sense of worthlessness. And it can have negative consequences for the person doing the ghosting, too. Dr. Saltz helps a listener move past a ghosting incident—and reveals why ghosting is something we should never, ever do.

How to Handle Mean Girls and Other Bullies

Bullying can cause depression and anxiety in children—and in these days of social media everywhere, it’s harder than ever to escape. Dr. Saltz has advice for a listener whose daughter now dreads school, and reveals the simple practice that can stop the attacks.

The Nightmares That Keep You Awake at 3 A.M.

They’re frightening and disturbing—and because they disrupt your sleep, they leave you feeling tired during the day. Nightmares are common in adults, but Dr. Saltz has techniques anyone can use to turn bedtime back into a restful experience.

How to Battle On-The-Job Burnout

No energy at work? Feeling detached and cynical? Have you lost the sense that you’re accomplishing anything meaningful? All are classic symptoms of burnout. If quitting isn’t an option, Dr. Saltz has practical ways to not only survive burnout, but even improve your work life.

What’s Worse Than PMS? PMDD.

Most women have experienced PMS; but if you’re spending half the month feeling moody, super-irritable and bloated, you could be suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD. Dr. Saltz tells how to deal with it.

Gun Violence, Kids and Schools

School shootings continue to make headlines—and because of that one listener is reluctant to allow her daughter to attend middle school. Is her fear rational? Dr. Saltz helps this mother put things in perspective and offers practical steps she can take to deal with her  fears.

I Married a Man Who’s Just Like My Dad, and That’s a Problem

Many of us end up with a spouse who reminds us of our mother or father. And that can be nice—until we’re catapulted back to old childhood grievances that haven’t healed. Dr. Saltz advises a listener who feels like she’s dealing with a parent instead of a husband.

When Your Marriage Clock Is Ticking, Should You Settle For Someone Who’s Not Mr. Right?

A listener knows she wants to get married and have children—but she hasn’t found the right guy yet. She wonders if she should marry a man she considers to be more of a friend. Dr. Saltz provides some down-to-earth advice.

Taking the Fear Out of Flying

It’s an all-too-common phobia, but if fear of flying is keeping you from traveling by air, Dr. Saltz has easy, practical tips that can allow you to relax and enjoy the ride.

You’ve Endured a Trauma. Is What You’re Feeling Now PTSD?

Shocking, scary or dangerous events can leave you on edge, depressed, sleepless and unfocused. PTSD can happen to anyone, of any age and circumstance. Dr. Saltz advises a listener who thinks she may have the disorder—and tells how to recover from a traumatic event, whether or not the diagnosis is actually PTSD.

How to Find ­a Therapist—One That’s Just Right for You

You could be battling anxiety or depression or psychosis, sleeplessness or overeating—no matter what the problem, there’s a therapist who can help. But who? Do you need a medical doctor, a clinical social worker, a psychiatrist—or something else? Dr. Saltz offers guidelines to help you choose.

Why Dry January May Be Just What You Need

If you drank more than you should have over the holidays, or if you have questions about how much you’re imbibing in general, this could be the perfect time to reassess and reset your relationship with alcohol. Dr. Saltz tells how to get the most out of Dry January.

Does Grief Ever Go Away?

Losing a spouse or other loved one can result in a range of emotions including despair, sorrow and anger. And those feelings can last longer than you might expect. Dr. Saltz advises a listener who recently lost her father—and is worried about the profound grief of her mother.

The Cure for a Blue Christmas

This time of year can leave us particularly vulnerable to feelings of loneliness and social isolation. A listener who just broke up with her boyfriend gets great advice from Dr. Saltz—and the doctor’s tips can do wonders for anyone who’s experiencing the holiday blues.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Not for Some People

Presents to buy. Extra meals to prepare. Out-of-town relatives to deal with. And it’s all happening when there’s less daylight and a greater chance of cold, wet weather. No wonder the holidays provoke anxiety. Dr. Saltz has great advice on how to keep it all together—at least until 2023 rolls around.

The Emotional Cost of Infertility

Being unable to bring a baby into the world can lead to a wide swath of emotions—sorrow, jealousy, anger and depression among them. Dr. Saltz advises a listener who feels all those things, as well as regret at not having started a family sooner.

When Seasons Change, Some People Get Sad and Sadder

For some, the shorter days bring general unhappiness characterized by low energy, excess sleeping, and overeating carbs. Call it the winter blues, the blahs—or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Dr. Saltz reveals how to tell if you have this common malaise—and how to treat SAD until the sun comes back.

Friends: How to Keep the Good Ones, Discard the Bad Ones and Make New Ones

Having an authentic friendship can improve your health and wellbeing—and even extend your lifespan. Toxic friendships can do the opposite. Dr. Saltz tells how to cultivate new friendships as an adult, ensure that you’re a good friend to your existing companions, and end the relationships that just aren’t working out.

Holidays, Politics and Family Fights

The holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving comes with an extra helping of anxiety this year, as the latest elections present a fresh opportunity to renew family feuds over politics. How to defuse the tensions so everyone can enjoy the meals and camaraderie? Dr. Saltz has some excellent ideas. (Hint: Advance planning helps.)

Trouble Sleeping? Here’s Help for the 40 Million of You Who Say ‘Yes’

It’s a familiar tale: You’re exhausted from a long day at work, but once in bed, you can’t nod off. Anxiety is just one reason so many Americans struggle with long-term sleep issues. Dr. Saltz provides sure-to-help advice on how to calm an anxious mind and get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

High Anxiety: What to Do if You’re Having Panic Attacks

A feeling of terror. Sweating. Dizziness. Chest pains. A panic attack can be scary—although rarely dangerous. Dr. Saltz tells how to distinguish between isolated attacks and a true panic disorder—and offers ways to deal with both.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

It’s the spooky season! Dr. Saltz tells how to help children deal with the fears that arise around Halloween and explains how kids can still have fun, minus the scarier elements.

Temper, Temper: Kids Who Lose Control

Most children, at some point, will throw a temper tantrum. But if these outbursts happen frequently, or at an inappropriate age, parents will want to investigate to find the underlying cause. Diagnosis, says Dr. Saltz, can lead to successful treatment.

When “The Perfect Guy” Turns Into Something Else

He can be charming and attentive most of the time, but if your partner becomes tightly controlling and undermines your sense of self-worth, it’s time to look for the exit. Dr Saltz tells a listener how to deal with an emotionally abusive boyfriend.

The Emotional Affair: Is It Still Considered Cheating if There’s No Sex?

When an office friendship turns into long lunches and longer phone calls, there’s something going on. But is it really cheating if there’s no physical component? Dr. Saltz helps a listener get honest with herself.

“I’m Not Worthy”: Getting Over Imposter Syndrome

Even the most accomplished people can be haunted by the feeling that their success is just a matter of luck—and that soon everyone will learn their secret: That they’re really not smart, capable or talented. Dr. Saltz advises a young medical student who fears being unmasked as an imposter.

How to Stop Tossing and Turning and Get the Sleep You Need

Few things are as vital to our health as restful, satisfying sleep. Dr. Saltz offers sure-fire ways to fall asleep—without resorting to pills.

It’s More Than Shyness—Much More

If you feel judged all the time, have trouble maintaining relationships, and pass up opportunities because you fear others will notice your flaws, you could have Avoidant Personality Disorder. The good news, says Dr. Saltz, is that it can be treated.

Is It Back-to-School Jitters—or Something Else?

Kids who are anxious about returning to school could be worried for several reasons: they may be reacting to the pressure on them for good grades, or they fear they can’t do the work, or they’re dealing with an issue like ADHD. Dr. Saltz has advice on how to find out what’s really going on—and suggestions to help children get on a better, happier path.

How to Tell If You’re Still in Love with Your Partner

Does love really disappear…or does it turn into something else? Dr. Saltz advises a listener who wonders if it’s possible to rekindle the romantic infatuation of her marriage’s early days.

How to Ease Kids’ Back-to-School Separation Anxiety

If your child is dreading the start of school, sometimes it’s more than just first-day-of-class nerves. Dr. Saltz has practical advice parents can use to get kids into a positive mood before the school bells ring.

“You Can’t Make Me Go to the Dentist!”

Anxiety about dental visits is common among children. But sometimes worry turns to a deep-seated terror that leads to cancelled appointments. Dr. Saltz advises a listener whose son dreads the DDS, even for a tooth cleaning.

How to Make Tough Moral Decisions

Should you do what’s right for you—even if it means causing discomfort for someone else? That’s the kind of choice most of us face at some time in our lives.  Dr. Saltz advises a listener who’s dealing with such a dilemma, and shares how the great philosophers have wrestled with these questions.

When the Bully is Your Partner

Jealousy, possessiveness, controlling behavior—all are big red flags that indicate a relationship is about to become abusive, or already is. Dr. Saltz advises a listener whose boyfriend shows these worrying signs, and outlines the steps she can take to stay safe.

Text Anxiety: When Your Phone Causes Panic Attacks

The 24/7 nature of text messaging means it’s always on and always waiting for your response. And that can cause sweating, palpitations and real anxiety. Dr. Saltz advises a listener whose mini-panic attacks make her dread her phone.

Helping Kids Handle Mean Girls and Other Bullies

Bullying can cause anxiety and even depression in children. Now, before the next school year starts, is the time to get ahead of the problem. Dr. Saltz helps a listener whose 10-year-old daughter is being picked on—and shares an amazingly effective way to stop a bully in her tracks.

What the Roe v Wade Decision Means for Women’s Mental Health

Being denied an abortion can have a long-term impact on a woman’s mental and physical well-being. Dr. Saltz looks at the data behind the headlines, and advises a listener who finds herself pregnant and unsure about what to do.

Kleptomania: Women Who Can’t Stop Stealing

The compulsion to take things you don’t really want or need is three times more common in women than men. Dr. Saltz advises a listener who feels awful about her stealing habit, but doesn’t know how to halt it. The good news: there is a cure.

Surprising Clues That Could Signal You’re Depressed

Are you putting on weight? Sleeping too much? Feeling anxious? Most people don’t think of these as classic signs of depression—but they could be. Dr. Saltz looks at atypical depression—the unexpected symptoms, and effective ways to feel better.

How a Broken Heart Can Hurt Your Health

Yes, it is possible to die of a broken heart—and the stress of current events has made that more likely than ever. Dr. Saltz talks about the intimate mind-body connection behind Broken Heart Syndrome, and what we can do to help ease the pain.

Gun Violence, Schools and Mental Health

The shock of the Uvalde massacre has parents asking: What can we do? Gun violence is certainly a mental health issue, but not in the way we might think. Dr. Saltz departs from her usual format to address how we can prevent future tragedies, and how parents  can ease their children’s anxieties as well as their own.

How to Tell if It’s Baby Blues…or Post-Partum Depression

Most moms feel cranky, moody, weepy and sleepy for a while after giving birth. But a smaller percentage have longer-lasting and more intense negative emotions. Dr. Saltz reveals how to tell the difference between normal “baby blues” and true post-partum depression—and what your next step should be

What Are You Afraid Of?

Snakes? Thunderstorms? Flying? A lot of us—11%, in fact—have phobias, and women are twice as likely as men to be phobic. Luckily, phobias are highly treatable. Dr. Saltz answers a listener who has extreme fear of spiders—and reveals the techniques that can help anyone shed their over-the-top anxieties.

Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome

Why would a female guard help a male convict break out of prison and then go on the lam with him until the tragic end? Dr. Saltz looks at the not-uncommon syndrome—an extreme version of the good girl/bad boy attraction—behind this week’s jailbreak saga of Vicky White and Casey White.

Why Some Moms Hate Mother’s Day—and How to Make the Day Really Rewarding

It’s supposed to be all about appreciation—but too often Mother’s Day means that mom is doing all the work and all the cleanup. Dr. Saltz reveals how mothers can ask for and get what they really need: A day that leaves them happy, relaxed and feeling loved.

Help for Out-of-Control Eating

Binge eating—eating too much, too often and feeling miserable afterward—is the most common of eating disorders. A mother who worries about her teen daughter’s secret cookie habit gets advice from Dr. Saltz.

What to Tell Your Teen About Dating

Although the thought of their child dating may cause anxiety for parents, a little romance can allow young people to practice the attributes of a good relationship, like consent, kindness and respect. Dr. Saltz tells how to provide guidelines and ground rules.

Pulling Your Hair Out—Literally?

If you have a constant urge to yank out the hair on your head, eyelashes or other parts of your body, you may have a disorder known as trichotillomania. It’s surprisingly common, but most people who have it don’t seek treatment. Dr. Saltz reveals the steps to take to resolve the problem.

How to Handle a Strange Sleep Condition

Did you ever wake up and find that you were briefly unable to move? It’s scary, but actually pretty common. Dr. Saltz tells how to take care of the situation.

“I Don’t Want to Go to School” Anxiety

For some children, the thought of going to school each day is a source of anxiety—and that feeling has been made worse by the pandemic. Dr. Saltz talks about the root of the problem, and offers simple, practical tips that can make class time easier for children.

What to Do When Your Significant Other Is a Commitment-Phobe

You know the type: He (or she) is romantic and thoughtful—but just can’t seem to pull the trigger to make things permanent. If you think you’re involved with a commitment-phobe, learn the warning signs and what to do about them (hint: nagging doesn’t help)—and, if necessary, when to move on.

Is Marriage Still Worth It?

With divorce rates around 50 percent these days, is there any point to tying the knot? Dr. Saltz reveals the very real mental and physical benefits of marriage—and tells how to address an upcoming bride’s cold feet.

Are You Drinking Too Much?

A listener wants to know if her drinking indicates a problem. Dr. Saltz reveals how to tell if alcohol is getting out of hand, and effective ways to cut back.

How To Calm Social Anxiety

Does the thought of going to a party or meeting new people make you sweat, tremble or feel queasy? You may have social anxiety disorder. It’s more common than you think—and the good news is that it’s treatable. Dr. Saltz tells how to get more comfortable in social situations.

Kids Behaving Badly: How to Nip Rudeness in the Bud

Kids copy what they see, and modern media—especially social media—offer lots of negative role models. If your normally polite child has become rude, sarcastic or verbally aggressive, Dr. Saltz has great advice on how to course-correct.

How to Help Children Who’ve Lost Focus and Are Struggling

The pandemic has made school difficult for most children—but some kids may be facing extra challenges because of undiagnosed ADHD or a learning disability. Dr. Saltz tells parents what to look for and how to help—and reveals the unexpected silver linings.

When You Just Can’t Face Another Day of Pandemic

As we head into year 3 of Covid, many of us are feeling burned-out, depressed and anxious. Today, Dr. Saltz and her special guest, Dr. Aditi Nerurkar, co-host of the Time Out podcast, tell how we can bring joy and energy back into our lives.

Valentine’s Day Can Be Tough on Kids

February 14 can turn into a popularity contest, as children compete for cards and candy—and someone’s feelings are bound to get hurt. Fortunately, Dr. Saltz has ways parents can use Valentine’s to encourage kindness and compassion in kids.

Valentine Day’s Blues—and How to Cure Them

“Where’s my champagne and strawberries?”  If you’re asking yourself that question—either because you’re solo or because your partner thinks a toaster is a romantic gift—Dr. Saltz has great advice on how to save the day.

Keeping Kids Safe from Predators

It’s a difficult subject—but one of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with your child. Dr. Saltz tells how to discuss the topic without alarming youngsters, and how to teach them to recognize the red flags that signal danger.

Every Marriage Has Its Fights. Here’s How to Make Them Positive and Productive

Arguing with your spouse? Good for you! Dr. Saltz reveals how to use those disputes to strengthen your relationship and why you should model fair fighting for children. And be sure to listen at the end to her helpful guidelines for productive disagreements.

How to Break the Habit That’s Gotten Hold of So Many Americans

If your New Year’s resolutions include spending less time on your cell phone, welcome to the club. Incessant phone checking and scrolling can be tough to break, but Dr. Saltz reveals the easy, practical steps that will help you to take back control of your hours and days, and even resolve the behaviors behind the habit.

How to De-Stress the Holidays

Does it feel like everyone but you is in a holiday mood? Are you dreading the getting, spending and cooking involved? And do you cringe at the thought of spending time with certain relatives? You’re not alone. Dr. Saltz tells how to make the holidays bearable—and even fun again.

Helping Young People Make It Through Those Difficult College Years

College is a time of new experiences and ideas, but it can also give rise to loneliness, anxiety and depression—something that’s been exacerbated by the pandemic. Dr. Saltz tells parents how they can help children stay happy and healthy.

Nail Biting, Skin Picking and Other Hard-To-Stop Children’s Habits

They’re annoying and sometimes unhealthy. Dr. Saltz reveals how parents can get kids to break these all-too-common habits. (Hint: Positive reinforcement works better than finger-wagging.)

Talking to Kids About Scary News

Global warming, wars, crime—children are exposed to frightening headlines every day. You can’t shelter youngsters from reality, but you can talk to them about worrisome topics without either sugar-coating the news or causing anxiety. Dr. Saltz reveals how.

Oh, Sister! Oh, Brother! How to Cure Sibling Rivalry During the Holidays

You’re never too old to feel competitive with a sibling—and those emotions get even more intense during the holidays. But there’s no reason to ruin the festivities with squabbles that replay your childhood. Dr. Saltz reveals how to have win-win celebrations in which everyone goes home happy.

Bad Behavior Is Everywhere, Including on Planes. How to Deal With It

It’s not your imagination: These days people are more irritable, angry and aggressive in public—including on plane flights. Dr. Saltz tells a listener how to cope when faced with this kind of bad behavior.

At War With Your Relatives? Why Now’s the Time to Call a Truce

The holidays are coming, and for many it’s a time of dread. But if everything from politics to the pandemic has you feuding with parents and siblings, Dr. Saltz has practical advice on how to soothe feelings and preserve those all-important relationships.

Insecure About How Your Body Looks? Why That Shouldn’t Inhibit Your Sex Life

Ninety-nine percent of us will never attain the unrealistic, idealized shapes we see in the media. But that shouldn’t stand in the way of a great sex life. Dr. Saltz tells a listener how to regain body confidence in the bedroom.

The Brain-Body Connection and How It Affects Your Health Every Day

Your mental state can alter your physical self and vice versa—but not necessarily in the way you may think. Dr. Saltz reveals how the two work together, and helps a listener who wonders whether her anxieties will prevent her recovering from a dangerous medical condition.

The Media is Full of Bad News—But It Doesn’t Have to Overwhelm You

Politics, climate change, Covid, Afghanistan—the news is depressing and anxiety-causing, but many of us can’t stop watching. Dr. Saltz tells a listener how to deal with the negative feelings that result from this information firehose and direct them toward positive change in the world.

How To (Productively) Argue With A Young Child

Arguing is one way children assert themselves, but for parents that can lead to frustration and even anger. Dr. Saltz tells how to use arguments to lay the groundwork for a better, long-term relationship.

Helping a Spouse Who’s Lost a Job

Job loss can lead to fears, depression and anxiety—for both partners. Dr. Saltz tells a listener how to give realistic, useful support to a recently laid-off husband.

How to Deal with Money Anxieties

It’s normal to be worried about your finances, especially in challenging times. Dr. Saltz helps a listener face her fears, and offers advice on how to talk with a partner about this important topic.

When the Diagnosis is Cancer

Anxiety, depression, sadness and anger are all common reactions. Dr. Saltz answers a newly diagnosed listener’s question, and tells how to deal with these emotions so they don’t get in the way of treatment.

A Guide for New Stepparents

Parenting is hard. Stepparenting is even harder. Dr. Saltz gives great advice to a new stepmom who’s trying to walk the tightrope between love and discipline, and old and new relationships.

When You Can’t Stop Biting Your Nails Or Picking Your Skin 

These behaviors are more than bad habits when they result in bleeding and pain. In fact, they’re complex disorders. But they can be stopped. Dr. Saltz tells how.

When the Same Thoughts Keep Going Round and Round in Your Head 

Do you ever feel like there’s an internal conversation playing on an endless loop in your mind? Do you want to turn it off? Dr. Saltz has great advice about how to retrain your brain to banish the mental chatter.

Can You Really Be Addicted to Instagram? Chocolate? The Real Housewives? 

If you have a habit you just can’t break, it may not be a true addiction—but it can definitely interfere with your life. Dr. Saltz tells how to get control of compulsions like needless shopping, overeating and spending way too much time on social media.

What to Do if You Think You Might Be Drinking Too Much 

Alcohol use has soared because of the pandemic—especially among women. A listener wants to know if her nightly glass of wine is actually a problem; Dr. Saltz reveals how to tell, and how to cut back without going cold turkey.

My Friend Has OCD. What Can I Do? 

Obsessive compulsive order is hard on everyone–both the people experiencing it and those around them. Dr. Saltz tells a listener how to help a friend with OCD.

How to Cope with a Major Loss—Yours, or a Friend’s 

Grief is a normal reaction to loss, but if it goes on too long it can be unhealthy. Dr. Saltz tells how to accept the loss and move on with your life. Plus advice on how to help a friend who is struggling with grief.

What to Do If You’re Just Not Ready to Return to Social Life 

Stores and restaurants are re-opening, and companies want their employees to return to the office. For many people, that’s a cause for concern—and social anxiety is on the rise. Dr. Saltz tells how to ease back into a more-normal social life.

How to Get Control of Your Green-Eyed Monster 

Jealousy can be destructive for couples, and it’s usually a sign of insecurity. A listener with trust issues asks for advice, and Dr. Saltz provides answers that can help improve any relationship.

Why Fighting Can Help Your Relationship (If You Do It the Right Way) 

Every couple disagrees from time to time. And if you follow the do’s and don’ts, your arguments can actually help your relationship rather than hurt it. Dr. Saltz reveals exactly how to fight right.

Is it Forgetfulness…or Alzheimer’s? 

A memory lapse could be perfectly normal, or a sign of something more dire. Dr. Saltz reveals how to tell ordinary forgetfulness from dementia, and ways to help loved ones who are struggling with memory loss.

The Real Reason You Procrastinate—and How to Fix It 

Not all procrastinators are the same. Some people worry about control, others about perfection. When you know why you delay, you can start to repair your habits. Dr. Saltz tells how.

Sex, Lies and the Pandemic 

Dr. Saltz answers more questions about listeners’ sex lives with the help of special guest Ian Kerner, psychotherapist and nationally recognized sexuality counselor. Today’s topics include returning to a more-normal sex life after the pandemic, honesty in the bedroom, and how to ask your partner for what you want.

Getting Your Sex Life in Synch with Your Partner 

Even the closest couples can have differing ideas about sex. To answer questions on this intimate topic, Dr. Saltz  welcomes guest Ian Kerner, psychotherapist and nationally recognized sexuality counselor who specializes in sex therapy and couples therapy.

How to Leave an Abusive Relationship 

No one should stay in a marriage or relationship that is physically or emotionally hurtful. Dr. Saltz tells how to recognize the hallmarks of a bad situation, how to get out and get safe, and how to avoid repeating harmful patterns.

When You Need to Say ‘No’ in a Friendship 

Friendships are important, but sometimes our friends can have too much influence on our actions. Dr. Saltz answers listener questions about friendships and peer pressure.

Good Lies, Bad Lies and Relationships 

Is there such a thing as an acceptable lie? Is it okay to lie to spare someone’s feelings? And what’s the emotional cost of our lies? Dr. Saltz digs into the topic of lying to find out whether we can, indeed, handle the truth.

When Medication is the Answer 

Sometimes a needed and effective treatment for an issue like anxiety or depression is my antidepressant info. Yet many of us stigmatize and avoid it. Dr. Saltz separates fact from fiction and tells why, and when, medication is the best option.

How to Make Your Friendships Better 

For women, few things in life are more important than friends. But they can also present challenges. Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz answers listeners’ questions about how to deal with tough friendship situations.

How to Have the Talks That Can Save a Relationship 

For some couples, open, honest communication is a struggle. Dr. Saltz answers listener questions about how to improve the discussions—and thereby the relationship.

When Relationships Break Down 

How can you tell when a relationship is over or frankly should be over? Whether you’re dealing with a romance or a friendship, it can be hard to move on. Dr. Saltz tells how.

Social Anxiety in the Time of Covid 

The rules of social interaction have been turned upside down by Covid. Dr. Saltz answers listener questions about how to behave around others who may, or may not, be masked. And how to deal with concerns about re-starting social activity after a long, isolated year.

There’s Help for Even the Most Difficult Emotional Situations

Managing severe mental illness in a loved one is hard. Today, Dr Saltz advises a listener on how to deal with a mother with a psychotic condition.

How to Improve a Negative Body Image 

Unhappy with your body? Feeling anxious and insecure? Here’s how to be kinder to yourself and get a better outlook.

Eating Disorders and the Pandemic 

These stressful times are also causing more concerns about eating and body image. I answer listeners’ questions, and discuss when it’s necessary to get help.

Why We All Need Boundaries 

Life can be a struggle if you never set boundaries for your work, in your relationships or regarding your time. I’ll tell you how to be better at drawing the line.

Pandemic Trauma and Stress Experience (PTSE): The Struggle is Real

You’re not alone if you’re feeling down or anxious, nervous or restless because of the pandemic. Taken together, these symptoms and others are known as PTSE: Pandemic Trauma and Stress Experience. I share things you can do to boost your mood.

Pandemic-enforced social distancing has increased feelings of loneliness. On today’s episode, I discuss how you can feel less lonely.

Is it Sadness? Or is it Depression?

How to tell if you’re struggling with sadness or depression—and what to do in both cases.

How to Lower Your Pandemic Anxieties

Today Dr. Saltz answers questions with actionable advice about managing anxiety and uncertainty during the pandemic.

How to Treat Your Sleep Problems in the Age of Covid

There’s a name for the inability to sleep well during this pandemic. It’s called “Covid-Somnia.” Dr. Saltz gives great, practical advice in answer to listener questions about falling asleep, and staying asleep.

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It’s safe to say 2020 was one of the most difficult years, ever, for so many…and these remain very challenging times. That’s why I’m here to ask you… How Can I Help?

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