Personology Podcast

Frida Kahlo: When trauma shapes artistic creation >>

Frida Kahlo is a revolutionary Mexican, feminist, and LGBTQ artist whose devastating trauma became the key ingredient in her ability to evocatively show pain and suffering on a canvas. She became a symbol of revolution for the disenfranchised. What made her willing and able to reveal her own differences and stand for the rights of others?

Harry Houdini: A Lifetime of Escaping >>

Harry Houdini, a name synonymous with magic. The innovator of escapism, known the world over, the secrets to his performances remain unknown to this day. How did a poor jewish immigrant from Budapest virtually invent the art of self liberation? What drove Houdini as an inventor, performer and debunker of spiritualism?

Vincent Van Gogh: A Portrait of Neuropsychiatric Illness >>

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most influential of all post impressionist artists. Known for his emotive and intensely expressive style, he is also known for excessive suffering in his short 37 year life. But what caused Vincent’s extreme moods and did his mental issues contribute to the beauty and originality in his artwork?